The Queen’s Jewellery: Prince Albert’s sapphire brooch

This sapphire brooch features a large oblong sapphire surrounded by 12 diamonds. It is set in gold. A very simple piece, it was worn by Queen Victoria on her wedding gown, as a gift from Prince Albert the day before the ceremony. He also gifted his Victoria four fans, according to Leslie Fields. The wedding took place at St James’s Palace in the Chapel Royal in 1840.

Prince Albert’s Sapphire Brooch Stephen Lock / i-Images

It has been passed down by generations of Queens since Victoria’s day, and now belongs to Elizabeth II. Her Majesty likes this brooch, as she wears it a lot, including to Prince William’s christening in 1982; as stated previously, The Queen wears her favourite pieces to important family events.

The Queen tends to wear the brooch with blue outfits, a shame as a white background would really make the piece stand out.

Princess Anne has a similar brooch, see below, which according to Suzy Menkes, was another that came from Prince Albert, as he had similar ones made for his daughters; she says The Queen bought it for her own daughter when it came onto the market.


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