Danish Royal Family gather for annual summer photo call

Whilst Monaco were celebrating a Royal wedding, the Danish Royal Family were out in force this weekend for their annual summer photo call. It took place, as usual, outside Gråsten Palace, the family’s summer residence.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik appeared alongside Crown Prince Frederick and his family, about whom you can read more here. They were also joined by The Queen’s niece, Princess Alexandra and her family.

The group was pictured taking a walk around the grounds of the Palace, accompanied by the family dogs. The group then sat down to pose for some group photographs in front of the cameras.

Noticeably absent was Prince Joachim and family. The couple had originally been planning to attend but had to cancel at the last minute.

Princess Josephine was seen to be sporting a blue cast on her left arm. The four-year-old broke her arm around two weeks ago after falling from a horse, but she appears to be taking it in her stride, seemingly indifferent to the cast.

As the family made their way back to the palace, Prince Christian and Prince Vincent were seen kicking an old tennis ball around for the dogs to chase. Their grandfather, Prince Henrik joined in by then throwing the ball.

Like with many Royal photo ops, it is part of an agreement with the Danish press. In return for these opportunities throughout the year, the press will, by and large, leave the family alone the rest of the time. It gives the public a chance to see the family interact informally.

mifl68 https://www.flickr.com/photos/mifl68/17015810668/

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