Prince Nicolae stripped of title & removed from Romanian succession

In a somewhat controversial move, King Michael (also Mihai) of Romania has made the decision to remove his grandson, Prince Nicholas, from the line of succession to the now defunct Romanian throne.

The King had felt that the Prince, also called Nicolae, was not living up to Royal standards and that Romania needed a monarch who was ‘dignified and moral’. It comes as a particular shock as the British-raised Nicolae had only been formally added to the line of succession in 2007.

Along with his removal from the line of succession, Nicolae will no longer bare the title of “Prince” or the styling of ‘His Royal Highness’. From now on he will go by the moniker of Nicholas Medford-Mills, utilising his father’s name.

The move has caused some upset among Romanian monarchists, leading to a petition to be created, asking The King to reconsider his decision. The petition was put forward by The National Christian Democrat Peasant Party (PNTCD) who feel that the reinstating of Prince Nicholas is vital given the current popularity of the Monarchy.

In 2014, Prime Minister Victor Ponta even promised a referendum on the return of Monarchy to Romania if he became President.

It is not the first time King Mihai has removed someone from the succession: he stripped his daughter Irina of her title in October 2013, after she pleaded guilty to involvement in an illegal cock-fighting business.

A spokesman for the family did emphasise however, that the decision to remove Nicholas was not an act of punishment but “a preventive move, that stops this distinction between what he [Nicolae] wants and what the Royal Family is, from blowing up into something that would be irreparable.”

Nicolae has since released his own statement revealing that he “regretfully” respects his grandfather’s decision. He went on to say that he plans continue to dedicate himself to “environmental, youth and charitable actions” and that he hopes “God will further protect the nation and the Romanian Crown.”

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Carol Fri 08 January, 2016 - 9:25 pm

T be honest, it is a defunct title in a country which has abolished the monarchy. So why is this even an issue?

Chloe Howard Fri 08 January, 2016 - 11:48 pm

Hi Carol

There is a lot of support for the return of the Monarchy in Romania, and even talks of a referendum on the topic.


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