Happy Birthday Edward! 10 facts about The Earl of Wessex

Today is The Earl of Wessex’s 57th birthday. To celebrate, we’re giving you a run down on The Queen’s youngest.

1. The Prince was born at 8.20pm on 10 March 1964 and was The Queen’s lightest baby, weighing 5lb 7oz.

2. Edward was first introduced to the world aged three months, when he was carried on to the balcony of Buckingham Palace after Trooping the Colour.

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3. In 1986 he achieved the Gold Award in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. In recent years, he has taken over much of his father’s role in this organisation.

4. On June 15, 1987, Edward produced the charity fundraiser ‘It’s a Royal Knockout’. The event became a PR disaster for the royals, when they participated in a tv gameshow, and is thought to have annoyed The Queen.

5. In the summer of 1993, he met Sophie Rhys-Jones when she handled the publicity for his Real Tennis Challenge. The pair got engaged in January 1999 and were married in June 1999. The wedding became the largest event in Windsor since the funeral of George VI in 1952. It was watched by an estimated TV audience of 200 million.

The Earl and Countess of their wedding day in 1999.

6. When the Prince was five, he met Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, and told Armstrong he wanted to be an astronaut too.

7. He has two children with The Countess of Wessex: Lady Louise and James, Viscount Severn. The couple decided to forgo the right to HRH styles and titles as grandchildren of the Monarch, and are instead styled as children of an Earl.

Prince Edward and Sophie, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, took part in the Great British Beach Clean with their children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, in Southsea

8. The Earl of Wessex has always had a passion to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. After three months training for the Royal Marines (he did not complete the course), Edward joined Lord Lloyd-Webber’s Really Useful Theatre Group.

9. Edward received the prestigious Bette Davis Special Achievement Awards in 2002 at Boston University for his work in television production.

10. Prince Edward had a production company called Ardent Productions, which was established in 1993. The company  produced a range of documentaries, including an in-depth programme on the royal family which was screened on US TV in 2002.

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Kasım Sun 14 March, 2021 - 12:42 pm

On Prince Harry’s Departure from the Crown

The book, On Freedom, which the English intellectual will easily remember, is a work with translations in many parts of the world. This work, written by John Stuart Mill in 1859 as a proof of the solid foundations of liberal thought, is also an answer to socialist thinkers.
When I had the opportunity to read this work, years later, various thoughts about Prince Harry’s separation from the Royal Family emerged in my mind, which enabled me to take an analogical approach where I could better compare the conflicts between socialist writers and individualist writers.
Mill had named Chapter 3 of the book “Individuality as One of the Elements of Happiness.” Even the title, with the word “Someone” in itself, was an indication of how much Mill cares about the individual in the field of concrete thoughts.
Mill mentioned about happiness, not comfort. Those who want to get comfort know that they have to display attitudes and behaviors in accordance with customs and habits. They begin to work with a famous question: What suits my position? In fact, the individual is not involved in this problem. There are dogmatic norms that have emerged in society and in the historical process. Happiness is not a pleasure that the society will feel, pleasure is an emotion that the individual can feel inside.
What would suit my character? If we could begin ourselves with the question, maybe we could increase our chances of reaching happiness even more. I think Meghan was able to ask Harry that question.
What could be the real reason for abandoning such a comfort space? Why would the fairy tales life be abandoned? Domestic misfits or whims? Or is it the gossip issue? Here, none of these are none of my business.
Handling the subject from a psychological point of view, long-term analyzes can be made on factors such as the loss of his mother in a car accident at a young age or accepting someone from the out of Monarchy as his wife. As I said, this really doesn’t concern me.
I am not a loyal guard or an ardent supporter of liberal ideas. I am just an individual who values a person who is a singular entity. When The God created Hz. Adam, God ordered all the angels to bow down to him. All angels accepted, but except Satan, because he claimed that Adam was created from soil but he created from fire and he said taht l am superior than Hz. Adem. Arrogance is the greatest of sins. “What are the routines of those who superior than me” is a question that can get to fall into the trap of arrogance not only the members of the Royal Family but also middle class even lower ones.
Harry’s separation from the Royal Family is not a transition to membership of the lower classes. He still continues his ontological existence as a member of Royal Family but he has given a great message to the whole world in action. This is called Freedom. It is not the freedom of a nation but of course the personal freedom of the individual.
In the scope of decisions, we make in line with our individual characteristics and priorities, we feel free and then happy. It takes a courage. It requires having a brave heart. The pay the price requires travel from the realm of comfort to the realm of hardships. This is also the destruction of the security guarantee, which is social capital.
In interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry said that l am very concerned because the history is repeating. He is referring his mother matters and at this time he is in USA not UK. The good thing is that he expresses his feeling happy. This is happiness.


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