Royal Rewind: Elizabeth II opens the 2012 Olympics with James Bond

An iconic moment of her lengthy reign

One of the most memorable moments of Elizabeth II’s reign was when she opened the 2012 London Summer Olympics, with the help of a special agent.

In a short film, viewers saw a figure arriving at Buckingham Palace, which turned out to be none other than James Bond (played by Daniel Craig). The 007 agent approached the Queen who was sitting at her desk and said ‘Good evening Mr Bond’.

Accompanied by the corgis, Bond escorted Elizabeth II to a helicopter which saw the pair fly across central London to the Olympic Stadium. 

It was here the nation was shocked when it looked like the Queen had jumped out of a helicopter – and parachuted into the arena! However, it was really a stunt double who was wearing similar clothing. 

The Queen later entered the stadium to a huge applause and the Games were launched.

Her late Majesty even kept the film was kept a secret from members of the Royal Family.

Watch the full film below…

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