Camilla’s jewellery: Queen Alexandra’s Aquamarine Diamond Brooch

The brooch has been kept in the royal vaults for nearly a century

For the Commonwealth Day 2024 Service at Westminster Abbey, Queen Camilla debuted a piece of royal jewellery that hasn’t been publicly since in nearly a century.

Camilla wore the impressive Aquamarine Diamond brooch which originally belonged to Queen Alexandra.

The Queen wearing Queen Alexandra’s Aquamarine Diamond Brooch to the Commonwealth Day service 2024 (The Commonwealth/Flickr)

The top brooch is an upside-down heart, featuring an openwork trellis design with large round-cut aquamarine placed in the centre, surrounded by a border of diamonds.

There is a smaller clear heart shaped aquamarine pendant from the main part of the brooch, held by a diamond encrusted links.

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The piece is believed to have been commissioned in 1904 to mark Queen Alexandra’s 60th birthday and bears some hallmarks of Fabergé design, with its intricate detail.

Following the death of Queen Alexandra, it was left to Queen Mary. Since then the brooch has remained in possession of the Royal Family.

It is not known if the brooch has been worn by consorts since Queen Mary or Elizabeth II, but initial research suggests not.

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