Camilla’s Jewellery: Queen Mary’s turquoise & diamond filigree Brooch

Only worn rarely by Elizabeth II, it had been in the vaults for decades

Since King Charles’ accession to the throne in 2022, Queen Camilla has worn a number of pieces – often with deep royal histories – from the late Queen’s collection. That includes Queen Mary’s turquoise and diamond brooch, also known as Queen Mary’s turquoise filigree brooch, which had remained hidden in the vaults for decades…!

It appeared on the second day of Royal Ascot 2024, with The Queen debuted this new (to-her) piece in a lovely complement to her vivid blue ensemble.

Camilla wearing a brooch dating back to Queen Mary. (Ascot)

Queen Mary’s turquoise and diamond brooch

The brooch features a large cabochon turquoise stone at the centre, surrounded by a row of diamonds of different sizes. The rest of the design is in a filigree or scrolling pattern, with various stone cuts and sizes, giving it a rough heart shape.

It was given to Queen Mary in 1893 as a wedding present by her in-laws, who were, at the time, the Prince and Princess of Wales –  later Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. Following Mary’s death in 1953, it was left to her granddaughter, Elizabeth II.

The Queen during her coronavirus speech. (Royal Family)

Elizabeth only wore the brooch on a handful occasions and only started wearing the brooch in 2014. Notably, the first time the brooch was worn was for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2015.

Historic photos show the magpie Queen had previously worn the brooch with a large pendant.

The last time the brooch was worn by Elizabeth was during her address to the nation in regard to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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