Camilla’s Jewellery: Queen Mother’s crystal art deco brooch

One of the many pieces of jewellery that was once The Queen Mother’s, but is now worn by The Duchess of Cornwall, is this crystal art-deco brooch. Made from rock crystal with a diamond feature at the centre, the piece is surrounded by an oblong diamond frame.

Camilla’s art deco crystal brooch

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On the reverse of the crystal, we see etched scroll work, giving detail to what could otherwise be a plain brooch. There is also black studs – perhaps onyx – around the central diamond aspect, and curved pieces on the frame, giving the impression of clips.

FHMJV believes Cartier is the likely creator of this brooch, known for such combinations of materials in the 1920s and 1930s.

Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall wears a brooch from The Queen Mother’s collection during a visit to Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in 2010.

You can see The Queen Mother with this piece on her hat in a grainy photo from 1927 in Brisbane; she was then Duchess of York.

The Duchess of York – future Queen Mother – wears a rock crystal brooch on her hat in 1927 (cropped)

The Duchess of Cornwall is not a regular brooch wearer. We only see accessories on her outfits like this occasionally. Thanks to the neutral colour palette of this brooch, though, we have seen it on a variety of backgrounds, but especially blues.

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Embed from Getty Images

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