Camilla’s Jewellery: serpent necklace

The Duchess of Cornwall owns a distinct necklace studded with diamonds all over in the form of a snake. Two small rubies form the serpent’s eyes.

The snake is segmented all the way around, to allow it to hug the wearer’s neck, and the tail and head join to keep the piece in place.

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Its provenance is as yet unconfirmed; during a state visit to Kenya in 2023, reports shared it once belonged to Camilla’s grandmother, but others have previously shared the necklace was bought by Prince Charles for Camilla, before they were married. The Court Jeweller says it appeared in 2001.

This snake necklace has been worn for numerous red carpet and white tie occasions, including a State Banquet for the Norwegian Royals during a visit to the UK in 2005, and on a trip to the White House the same year.

We have seen the snake necklace less in recent years, probably as the Duchess has received and bought other jewellery for her collection. Some of them are quite dazzling…! This necklace is, however, quite distinct and sure to get people talking.

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But animal forms are very popular with Camilla! Take a look at her dragonflies and her woodland creature brooches, to name just a few other themed items in her collection.

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