The Queen’s Jewellery: multi-coloured bouquet brooch

Tied with a bow, this bunch of small flowers is one of the few multi-coloured brooches in The Queen’s collection. We can see a larger deep blue stone at the centre, while the other flowers are red, pink and yellow/clear stones – there might be a dash of purple in there too! Three gold leaves ripple beneath the flowers, flowing into a handful of stems.

The lack of photos for this piece, in combination with its many colours and small size mean that we only have a little to look at photo-wise.

The small floral bouquet is set with various coloured stones like sapphires and rubies.

Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

FHMJV points out this could be the piece spoken about in Leslie Fields’ book: “a Cartier floral spray set with sapphires, rubies, diamonds and an aquamarine, which her parents gave her in 1943.” However, I am not convinced I see the aquamarine…

This dainty brooch can easily be missed, but I appreciate the collection of bright colours. What do you think?


Featured image via The Commonwealth/Flickr

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