Carl Philip and Sofia move into first marital home

It has been revealed that Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, who married last July, have chosen Rosendal Palace as their first home.

The couple originally made plans to move into Villa Solbacken located on the island of South Djurgården, Stockholm. Unfortunately, during renovations, which began earlier this year, it was discovered that the building was riddled with asbestos and as such, the Prince and his wife have been forced to move elsewhere for the time being.


Carl Philip and Sofias new home.

The villa had been the home of Carl Philip’s uncle, Prince Bertil, from 1949. Following his death in 1997, Bertil left the villa to Carl Philip on the condition that Princess Lillian, his wife, continue to live there. Lillian passed away in 2013 at the age of 97, and the house has since remained empty.

Renovations will continue to take place on the villa but in the mean time the couple have chosen to move into Rosendal Palace, also located on South Djurgården.

Designed by Swedish architect, Frederik Blom, the palace was built in the early 1820s and originally acted as a summer retreat King Karl XIV Johan, the first Bernadotte.

Until now, the palace has never been used as a Royal residence in the traditional sense, instead acting as a place for the Royal Family to escape the formality of the Royal Court.

Members of the public can visit the palace during the Summer. Visitors can enjoy guided tours around the spectacular palace and see for themselves the impressive Swedish Empire style, also known as the Karl Johan style.

It was an exciting summer for Sweden with the wedding of Carl Philip and Sofia as well as the arrival of Prince Nicolas, Princess Madeleine’s second child, only a few days later. The excitement continues as the family gathers once again for the new Prince’s christening on the 11th October.

Photo: Sean Munson

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