Did The Duke of Cambridge catch Covid-19 in April?

Prince William is reported to have contracted Covid-19 back in April, but hid his diagnosis because he ‘didn’t want to worry anyone’.

The Sun reported the news late last night, explaining that The Duke of Cambridge had the illness around the same time his father, Prince Charles, had tested positive in late March.

Kensington Palace have declined to comment but did not deny the report.

William and Kate heard from students who are still going to school, as their parents are key workers in April

Prince William has not publicly confirmed this, but reports claim he spoke of his experience at an engagement: “There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone.”

The Duke, 38, recovered in Norfolk, being treated by doctors there, a source told the red-top paper. He followed government guidelines by isolating.

Robert Jobson, royal correspondent for the Evening Standard, explains that Kensington Palace have been asked a number of times about William’s health. The media “were told categorically ‘no’,” that he had not had coronavirus.

Tallies show that the future King carried out 14 virtual engagements during April. There was a seven-day break in his appearances after 9th April, returning on 16th April to open the coronavirus Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham. Government guidance has been those with the virus should isolate for one week only.

The Duke of Cambridge gives his opening speech via a video call NHS Birmingham)

Royal health is often a private matter, unless it affects their ability to carry out planned duties, or is serious; even then, only the bare minimum of details are shared.

Commentators and royal fans are split over the decision to keep the Duke’s alleged-illness secret. Some believe he did the right thing, after both The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister suffered with the virus at similar times, and Johnson even being admitted to the ICU for a few days after his condition worsened.

Others think it might have shown the severity of the problem, that a young fit person could be affected.

News of the reported royal diagnosis comes just before England is to enter a second national lockdown; four-weeks of tight restrictions will start on Thursday, with schools, universities, and manufacturing to remain open, but all non-essential businesses to close.

Another 23,254 cases of coronavirus were recorded yesterday, and a further 162 people were reported to have died within 28 days of a positive test. UK deaths from Covid-19 now stand at 46,717.

We will update you with any story developments.

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