Did Duchess Kate donate her hair to a children’s cancer wig charity?

An article circulating this morning states that when The Duchess of Cambridge had a significant hair cut in 2017, she donated the hair to a children’s charity that creates wigs for those with cancer.

Written by the Daily Express, the paper claims that Catherine’s hairdresser persuaded her to have a haircut of about seven inches; indeed, we can see over the summer in June time, Kate did sport a significantly shorter ‘do.

The Express writes that it was likely the Little Princess Trust, one of the most well-known wig charities, that received some seven inches of hair from the Royal, but under a different name.

The Duchess of Cambridge in June of 2017, as she attended the opening of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new entrance and courtyard. She had very long hair. Picture by Pete Maclaine / i-Images

The Duchess of Cambridge showed off a ‘lob’ at Wimbledon in July 2017. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

A ‘source’ said that Joey, a hairdresser with Richard Ward’s salon, convinced Kate to go for a shorter look.

“He said it was just getting too long. While Joey was snipping away the idea came to her of doing some good with it rather than throwing it away.
“[The Duchess of Cambridge] mentioned it to Joey, who thought it was a brilliant idea.“It was sent using someone else’s name, so that the trust didn’t know it was from a royal source – they just thought it was from a female donor in the Kensington area.”

While this is a lovely idea, many might be sceptical of this claim. Of course, anonymity might prevent any of the issues that might be associated with such a donation – someone selling the wig to make a profit, and having a real ‘part’ of a member of the Royal Family – but the palace declined to comment on the issue, many note that often, charities will not accept dyed hair (which the Duchess’ seems to be). The difference in length in these photos also does not seem to be seven inches; this task is made even harder by Catherine’s curls.

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