Duchess of Cambridge lays flowers for Sarah Everard on Clapham Common

The Duchess of Cambridge paid a private visit to Clapham Common today, to lay flowers in tribute to Sarah Everard.

Catherine was spotted by various members of the public, as well as a Sky News journalist, as she walked across the common in south London and to the bandstand.

Here, floral tributes have been placed in memory of Ms Everard, whose body was found over 70 miles away, in Ashford, Kent earlier this week and the identify confirmed to be that of the missing marketing executive yesterday; a serving officer in the Met Police has been arrested for her kidnap and murder.

Sarah, 33, was last seen alive on 3rd March in the park.

A bystander commented that Catherine ‘looked a bit upset’ and ‘quite emotional’, on the unannounced visit. “She was just on her own. About 10 metres behind her there were two people following her. It wasn’t obvious she had security with her.”

The Duchess was dressed down in jeans and a khaki jacket; Kate was not wearing a mask, which is not compulsory in public spaces in the UK.

Roya Nikkah reports the Royal placed daffodils from the gardens at Kensington Palace.

The Telegraph reports that ‘sources close to Buckingham Palace’ said: “The Duchess wanted to pay her respects to Sarah and her family. She remembers what it felt like to walk around London at night before she got married.”

The event has seen an outpouring of stories of women who have their own stories of harassment and even violence from men. A poll has found 97% women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment.

A vigil by Reclaim These Streets campaigners had been due to take place at Clapham Common tonight, before being banned by police.

A High Court judge refused to intervene on behalf of group for the gathering.

The group said it had made ‘many suggestions’ to police about how the vigil could go ahead safely but they had been told they risked a £10,000 fine for each organiser of the event. Reclaim These Streets has instead encouraged people to join a doorstep vigil instead at 9.30pm – approximately the same time Sarah Everard was last seen alive.

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Gail Nort Mon 15 March, 2021 - 2:57 am

The Duchess of Cambridge shows her solidarity and support for a a young woman she didn’t know,
But like all of us we have daughters sisters wives even older women.
A vast majority have experienced some kind abuse some alot worse than they would like to remember,
We have to get across to all this is not acceptable also WILL NOT BE TOLERATED…
Hiding and self denial feeds into fear perpetuating the actions that these (creatures) they are not descent people. Men in power that again and again from a husband to uncle, boyfriend, boss, police.and on


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