Duchess of Cambridge’s Cartier wedding tiara now on display in Canberra

The stunning Cartier halo tiara, as worn by The Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day, is now on display in Canberra.

A new exhibition entitled ‘Cartier: The Exhibition’ is open to the public from 30th March at the National Gallery of Australia, and will feature various famous jewels from the jeweller, including the halo tiara, borrowed from The Queen’s collection for the display.

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This is the fourth tiara to go on show this week – we reported on Wednesday the amazing new display at Kensington Palace, featuring Queen Victoria’s emerald and diamond tiara, plus Princess Louise’s Fife and kokoshnik pieces.

The halo tiara, with its scroll design, was created by the French jewellers in 1936 and given by The Duke of York to his wife,  Elizabeth shortly before he ascended the throne as George VI.

the Cartier tiara worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day is on display in Canberra (MOD)

It was later given to Princess Elizabeth for her 18th birthday in 1944; this is how a number of pieces came to be in The Queen’s collection, including her aquamarine clip brooches. When the Princess became Queen, she allowed her sister, Princess Margaret, and later her daughter, Princess Anne, to use the tiara.

The Queen, who hasn’t been seen in the tiara herself, loaned it to the then-Kate Middleton to wear on her wedding day in 2011.

The remainder of the Cartier display features some 300 jewellery pieces, watches, objects and artefacts, many on loan from celebrities and even other Royalty.

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Also available to see will be Princess Grace of Monaco’s 10.48-carat diamond engagement ring, plus the Duchess of Windsor’s flamingo brooch, and Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond and ruby necklace; the piece was a gift from her third husband, and also doubles as a tiara.

Dame Nellie Melba’s diamond stomacher brooch and Daisy Fellowes’ Tutti-Frutti Hindu necklace will have their own displays, and the public can also view Barbara Hutton’s imperial jadeite necklace – quite the collection!

The new exhibition is being described as featuring ‘an intriguing array’ of Cartier jewellery and items, formed in a ‘immersive exhibition’. Alongside the dazzling diamonds will be original drawings for designs, as well as portraits, historic photographs, film, advertising material, jewellery-making tools and equipment to provide insight into the history of Cartier.

Cartier: The Exhibition runs until 22nd July. Tickets on sale now through Ticketek.

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