Duchess of Cornwall shows support for domestic abuse victims staying at home

The Duchess of Cornwall has expressed her sympathy and support for those who are having to stay at home during the pandemic, when home is not their safe haven.

Camilla has long worked to support those who are victims of domestic and sexual abuse, and shared a message via the Clarence House social media channels: “This is a hard time for everyone, as we are all asked to stay at home to stay safe. But for some of you it is even harder, because home is not a safe place,” a tweet reads.

The Duchess of Cornwall has shared her concern for those in abusive relationships, who are having to spend so much time at home. Picture by: Splash News

“I can only imagine that being asked to stay there could feel very isolating and frightening for you and your family.

“It may mean spending more time with the person who is harming you.”

Camilla, 72, is currently in self-isolation with Prince Charles at Birkhall. The Prince of Wales has contracted Covid-19, but is thankfully suffering only mild symptoms.

“If this is your situation, or you are worried about someone else, I want you to know that you are not alone.

“Even if you cannot leave your home, you can call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline or contact one of the domestic violence charities. Please stay safe and get help.”

Back in February, the Duchess wrote a piece for the Daily Mail, calling domestic abuse ‘everyone’s problem’ and a ‘heinous’ thing in society. She has first hand experience of supporting someone in an abusive relationship.

A link was also shared to Safe Lives, a domestic abuse charity, offering advice for those in this terrible situation. You can read their tips here.

Numbers for non-emergency support were also shared, with a reminder that, if there is an immediate threat, to call the police.

  • England: 0808 2000 247
  • Northern Ireland: 0808 802 1414
  • Scotland: 0800 027 1234
  • Wales: 0808 8010 800
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