Duke & Duchess of Cambridge get muddy with Scouts for #PromisetothePlanet

Today, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got muddy with the Scouts in Glasgow, as they dived into the activities to celebrate its Promise To The Planet campaign.

The couple met Scouts in Dennistoun to learn about the new campaign at the Alexandra Park Sports Hub. The pledge is an initiative that aims for the youngsters to spend 10 million hours per month on activities that equip them with the skills to tackle climate change.

The Earl and Countess of Strathearn, as William and Kate are known north of the border, were spotted arriving by train in the city this morning, and have joined Prince Charles and Camilla at the event. The Queen pulled out of the event due to doctors advising her to continue resting.

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Catherine wore a neckerchief and woggle, showing her role as joint president of the Scouts Association, a role she holds alongside The Duke of Kent (The Queen’s cousin).

Prince William and Kate were shown how Scouts around the world have been raising awareness of climate change and doing their bit to help combat it.

The visit saw them learn how to make planet-friendly vegetarian burgers with youngsters. “If you want to mix it up, I’ll start chopping,” Prince William told the children, as he began cutting a red cabbage.

“Have you guys had veggie burger before? Do you like them more than meat burgers? You do?” he added, seeming surprised.

At the other end of the table, Catherine was preparing ingredients and asked about the children’s diet. “Do you get enough veg at school?” she asked. The children seemed to think so…!

Wildflower seedbombs were also on the agenda, which are made to throw on the ground to help ‘rewild’ an area. The couple seemed to enjoy this part of the activity!

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Muddy fingers for Prince William with the Scouts (@Scouts/Twitter)

The Royals joined a bike maintenance session in the shed to promote sustainable transport, too.

Inside, the Duchess was shown the forest of promises, to show that young people are ready and willing to play a part in the legacy of COP26 and make their own voices heard. 

The Duchess of Cambridge helps out with some bike maintenance (@Scouts/Twitter)

Scout Leader Eddie O’Rourke said: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met Scouts taking part in our Promise To The Planet campaign. They were a real inspiration to all the Scouts that are working hard to make changes to protect the planet.

“It’s great to see the Duke and Duchess to work with our young people and recognise that everyone is capable of helping and everyone’s effort is important in the fight against climate change.”

This evening, the couple attended a reception to honour the winners of the Eartshot Prize, which were awarded last weekend. The reception was hosted by William and his father, Prince Charles, at The Clydeside Distillery.

They were joined by key members of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, a project launched to push businesses into placing sustainability at the forefront of their work and helping fund green initiatives.

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Unusually, the Duke shared a personal tweet today: “#COP26 is a landmark moment for the future of our planet — I’m proud that our @EarthshotPrize Finalists will be joining me in Glasgow to show the world that there is reason to be optimistic. I’m hopeful about what can be achieved. W.”

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