Duke of Edinburgh gives up his driving licence following crash

Buckingham Palace has announced that The Duke of Edinburgh is going to surrender his driving licence, following last month’s crash.

A statement from the palace reads: “After careful consideration, The Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving licence.”

Prince Philip has given up his driving licence. (Splash News and Pictures)

Prince Philip, who turns 98 in June, was involved in a car accident in January near to the Sandringham Estate. From what we understand in the weeks since the incident, the Duke pulled out of a turning onto a main road, the low winter sun impairing his view. He therefore collided with another car travelling on the road, resulting in some injuries to the other passengers and his car being rolled.

The Prince Consort sent a letter to the injured party shortly after the incident, apologising and sending his best wishes.

There is no legal upper age limit for driving, only medical impairment which can bar a driver from getting behind the wheel. This step is being taken by Philip optionally.

He will still likely drive around on the royal estates, which is private property, meaning a licence and insurance – and even seat belts – are not required.

No word has been given as to when exactly the Duke will stop driving, although the implication from the statement is that it might already be in force.

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