King Charles and Queen Camilla take on patronages held by the late Queen

Elizabeth II had held 492 affiliations at the time of her death

Over the last few years, a large number of charities have lost their official royal support, especially following the deaths of Prince Philip and Elizabeth II in 2021 and 2022 retrospectively, with the couple holding more than 1500 patronages between them.

The Duke of York stepping back from public duties and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex leaving royal life to move to the United States exacerbated this, and brought us to a ‘slimmed down’ Monarchy through very little effort of The King’s.

King Charles and Queen Camilla will be taking on many of Elizabeth II’s former charity affiliations

Following His Majesty The King’s Accession in September 2022, Buckingham Palace conducted a major review of more than 1,000 Royal Patronages and charity Presidencies to address this.

Prior to the first anniversary since the Coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla, the Palace announced a number of affiliations will be taken on by King Charles and Queen Camilla, which were previously held by Elizabeth II.

Other members of the Royal Family will also take on the patronages previously held by the late Queen, to add to their existing portfolios, but these have not yet been announced.

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King Charles’ new Patronages

441 organisations affiliated with Charles, as Prince of Wales, were included in the review conducted by the Palace following his accession. 367 have been retained by His Majesty or passed to other members of the Royal Family, and he has severed ties with 74. The new Patronages taken on by Charles include:

The Royal British Legion – the iconic organisation behind the poppy, supporting serving personnel and veterans. This a role Elizabeth II held throughout her reign from 1952.

The Braemar Royal Highland Society is responsible for the annual Braemar Gathering Highland Games, which was established over 200 years ago. His Majesty will be taking on the patronage from the late Queen, who regularly attended the Braemar Gathering.
The Association of Commonwealth Universities brings universities, students and educators together from around the world to promote higher education as a cornerstone of stronger societies. The King will continue the work of his late mother as Patron.
Dogs Trust – a charity which cares for and rehomes thousands of dogs each year, while supporting owners through advocacy and advice. Elizabeth II held the Patronage since 1990.
Sue Ryder, a national healthcare and bereavement charity. Charles is continuing the legacy of his mother, who had been the charity’s patron since 1993.

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Queen Camilla’s new Patronages

100 organisations affiliated with Camilla, as Duchess of Cornwall, were included in the review. 91 have been retained or passed to others amongst the family. Her Majesty has taken on a number of Patronages previously held by Elizabeth II, including:

– President of the Women’s Institute Sandringham Branch – Elizabeth II held the role from 2003-2022 after being a member for 60 years. The WI is the largest women’s organisation in the UK.
The Army Benevolent Fund – the national charity of the British Army, supporting soldiers, veterans and their families for life. Camilla had served as Vice Patron since 2020 until now.
Royal Literary Fund – which delivers financial support for writers as well as education and outreach programmes across the UK, and ties in with Camilla’s interest in literacy and reading.
Royal Voluntary Service – the charity mobilises volunteers to support people in need and the NHS. Elizabeth II was Patron of the charity from 1952, while Camilla has acted as their President until now.
The Royal Academy of Dance – one of the most influential dance education and training organisations in the world. The Queen was made Vice-Patron in 2020 and will now become Patron.

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