Charles & Camilla begin tour of New Zealand with Hongis in the rain

Early this morning, Prince Charles and Camilla landed in Wellington, New Zealand, to begin their tour of the country.

Shortly after 12pm (around 11pm GMT), The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall arrived in a New Zealand Air Force plane, to a windy and wet Wellington.

The poor weather and low temperatures did not dim the enthusiastic welcome, which was transferred to inside the terminal. Here, they were greeted by  greeted by Prime Minister John Key and his wife Bronagh, instead of at the plane as is tradition.

Camilla wrapped up in a cream headscarf to protect herself against the elements.

A ceremonial welcome followed at Government House, where the couple will stay, led by Maori elders Lewis Moeau and Hiria Happe. This involves the traditional Maori greeting of the Hongi – touching of noses and foreheads.

The Royal couple were last in New Zealand in 2012, the Duchess’ first visit to the country.

Charles and Camilla then paid their respects to New Zealand’s war dead, visiting the Hall of Memories. Prince Charles laid a wreath, featuring The Prince of Wales’s feathers, before the Last Post was sounded by a bugler.

The Prince and Duchess laid fern branches on the tomb of the unknown warrior and went on a walkabout, meeting the crowds who had braved the cold and rain to see them, stopping to sign the Pukeahu National War Memorial visitor’s book before leaving. 

The couple sign the visitors book via Governor General New Zealand

The couple sign the visitors book via Governor General New Zealand

Back at Government House, The Prince of Wales received his new military titles for the New Zealand forces. As announced by The Crown Chronicles, Charles was made Admiral of the Fleet of the Royal New Zealand Navy, Field Marshal of the New Zealand Army and Marshal of the Royal New Zealand Air Force on this, his ninth trip to Australia’s neighbour. 

A State Reception rounded off the evening, where the Prince gave a speech, congratulating the nation on its recent Rugby World Cup win, saying he was pleased for them. Charles also suggested that by the time he and his wife got to Australia, that their neighbours ‘will hopefully have got over it’.

He finished by thanking the guests and dignitaries there for a warm welcome.


Charles at the State Reception, via Governor General NZ

Charles at the State Reception, via Governor General NZ

Camilla skipped the reception to get some rest, suffering from jet lag as well as a cough. The Duchess is also known to have an aversion to flying.

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