Charles & Camilla in Cornwall – day 3: church service, charity representatives & air ambulance

Today Prince Charles and Camilla continued their tour of Cornwall, meeting some of Camilla’s Cornish patronages at Tregunnel Hill, attended service at St Protus and St Hyacinth Church, visited a local village hub, and Trevithick Down to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Air Ambulance Trust’s foundation.

The royal couple started today’s engagements by visiting Tregunnel Hill estate, where a village street party was being hosted to celebrate the Duchess’ birthday. At the party on the village green, the Royals met volunteers and staff working for her Cornwall and national patronages, and awarded prizes for a hanging basket competition.

Just before they left, one of the spectators shouted something at Charles and he closed the car door and walked over for a chat.

Camilla meets with those involved in The Big Lunch amongst those of her charities  (Clarence House)

Charles and Camilla then headed for St Protus and St Hyacinth Church, an ancient grey stone church in the village of Blisland, where a special 70th birthday church service had been arranged for Camilla.

After the service, they crossed the village green to The Glebe Post Office and Store which acts as a post office, tea room and central village shop. Upon entering the shop, Charles was heard saying, “I’m sorry, we’re a bit damp,” referring to the weather.

He was offered a cup of tea and some cake and he said, “Well, go on, we’ll have a cup of tea.” They met village locals and their pet dogs.


Camilla then undertook a solo engagement at the local fire station, where she spoke to fire fighters battling the frequent floods in the region, and Charles drove away to await his wife at their next engagement.

The two Royals then met again at the HQ of the Air Ambulance at Trevithick Down helicopter base. Over a cup of tea, Camilla was given a tour of one of the Air Ambulance’s new rescue helicopters, and she talked to some of the pilots about their work – it’s almost certain there was a comment or two about Prince William’s former job as a helicopter pilot, which he ends this summer.

Duchess Camilla chats with her patronage, the air ambulance (Clarence House)

Quite fittingly, the Prince and Duchess flew out of Cornwall from the Air Ambulance base in the royal helicopter.

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