Prince Charles’ feisty secretary leaves job

Prince Charles’ Communications Secretary, Kristina Kyriacou, has resigned from her position at Clarence House.

Ms Kyriacou started working for The Prince of Wales back in 2012, as a part-time Assistant Communications Secretary. At the beginning of this year, she was appointed Communications Secretary to both Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Kristina with her clients, Charles and Cheryl.

Of the aides that work for the Royal Family, Ms Kyriacou is probably the best known for an aggressive clash with a television reporter in May. Following the release of the ‘black spider memos’ – Prince Charles’ letters to ministers – reporter Michael Crick asked the Prince for his reaction to the release.

Kristina, stepped in to block the journalist approaching the Prince with a camera crew, and threw his microphone cover to the floor. Crick was waiting for Charles to arrive at an official engagement for The Prince’s Trust.

During her time at Clarencr House, Kyriacoh was responsible for  Charles’ debut on the BBC’s ‘Country file’,  and for his con tributary to an issue of ‘Country Life’ magazine for his 65th birthday.

Prior to working for Charles, Kristina Kyriacou worked with some of the country’s biggest celebrities and has been described as ‘fiercely protective’  of her clients. She was head of media and public relations at Comic Relief for six years and has worked closely with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Simon Cowell and Gary Barlow, who reportedly refers to her as ‘The Colonel’.

A replacement has not been announced as of yet.

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