The King and Queen commission artists to capture the Coronation

The King and The Queen have commissioned artists to capture some of the most memorable moments of the Coronation weekend, as a way of honouring their shared appreciation of the arts and creative industries.

Their Majesties have commissioned artists to capture key moments during the Coronation. (Royal Family).

Sketches along the processional route

His Majesty has selected Fraser Scarfe, Phoebe Stannard and Gideon Summerfield to draw events they witness from positions along the Processional Route.

The artists will capture a range of aspects including the crowds lining the route, The King’s Procession, Their Majesties’ arrival at Westminster Abbey, and The Coronation Procession back to Buckingham Palace.

All three artists are alumni of The Royal Drawing School, which was established by the-then Prince of Wales in 2000. The School is one of the world’s leading providers of specialist observational drawing tuition.

The Diamond Jubilee State Coach being pulled through Whitehall during the Coronation procession rehearsal. (MOD)

Paintings in the Abbey

Their Majesties have chosen Eileen Hogan to paint the Coronation Service itself from within Westminster Abbey. She is the first woman to have been appointed in this role. Hogan has previously supported ‘The Last of the Tide: Portraits of D-Day Veterans (2015) and contributed to ‘Prince and Patron’ (2018).

Westminster Abbey will be where Charles III is crowned (Alison Day/Flickr)

It is expected that Hogan will produce a series of ten small paintings from inside Westminster Abbey, some of which may later be worked up into larger paintings.

State Portraits

The formal painting will take place after the Coronation, continuing the tradition of coronation portraits in regalia and robes.

Peter Kuhfeld has been chosen by The King to paint his Coronation State Portrait. Kuhfeld’s previous work with the Royal Household includes ‘Seven Portraits: Surviving the Holocaust’, which was commissioned by the then-Prince of Wales as a living memorial to the victims of the Shoah.

Kuhfeld said: ‘I first met HRH The Prince of Wales, as he was then over 40 years ago through a mutual friend Sir Brinsley Ford. Since that time His Majesty has given me unwavering support in my work; taking me on five of his overseas trips, opening doors and giving me opportunities that I would not have had.’

‘Now, as he becomes our King and takes over from the late Queen, his beloved mother, it is my honour that he has asked me to paint his Coronation Portrait.’

Meanwhile, Paul Benney will paint Her Majesty’s Coronation State Portrait. His previous royal work includes ‘The Last of the Tide: Portraits of D-Day Veterans’ (2015) and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (2015).

Coronation Concert

Shana Pagano Lohrey, also an alumnus of The Royal Drawing School, has been selected to draw at the Coronation Concert. She has been tasked to produce a variety of artworks and anticipates she will use the mediums of charcoal and pastels.

Once all the commissions have been produced they will become part of the Royal Collection.

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