Man with knife attacks two police officers outside Buckingham Palace

A man has been arrested outside Buckingham Palace after wielding a knife and using it to attacking police.

The man was stopped on the Mall near the royal residence this evening at roughly 8.30pm, in possession of a knife; some reports on social media have described the knife as a ‘sword’ or a ‘machete’.

Two police officers attempted to detain the man, about whom we have no other details, and thus they suffered minor injuries to their arms. Neither were taken to hospital, but were treated on the scene by the London Ambulance Service.

Investigations continue to be carried out, but the man has been charged with GBH and assault on police, Met Police confirm.

More details as they emerge.

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Paul Thomas Fri 25 August, 2017 - 10:33 pm

About time our Police used deadly force, don’t p*** about with a guy with a machete shoot him or her.


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