Prince Andrew takes over from Patrick Stewart as Chancellor of Huddersfield University

The Duke of York was installed as the Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield on Monday, taking over from actor, Sir Patrick Stewart.

At a graduation ceremony, Prince Andrew was officially made the university’s chancellor, after becoming the institution’s patron in 2013, as well as opening the ‘Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre’. The 55-year-old Prince has been involved in a number of the university’s projects for more than a decade, and currently has two Huddersfield interns working for him, making him an ideal candidate for the job.

Sir Patrick Stewart has occupied the post since 2004. The Duke said: “Patrick, thank you for your 11 years. It has been a remarkable time for the University. There is only one good way to say farewell – live long and prosper.”

He gave a farewell to the outgoing Chancellor, star of the Star Trek films, as only a Star Trek fan could: with a Vulcan salute.

Vice-chancellor Professor Bob Cryan said: “His Royal Highness has a natural ally in the University of Huddersfield, where entrepreneurialism is an essential component of our education and our philosophy.”

Sir Patrick, 75, grew up in a village a few miles from Huddersfield; he said he would help Prince Andrew in future, if ever he was unable to fulfil part of the role.

The Royal connection to universities is a long-standing one: The Earl of Wessex is currently Chancellor of Bath University, and The Princess Royal occupies the position at the University of London (previously held by The Queen Mother until 1981). She also holds the job at the University of Edinburgh, taking over from her father, The Duke of Edinburgh, in 2011. The Prince of Wales is Chancellor of the University of Wales, a role also once held by Prince Philip.

Photo: Northern Ireland Office

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