Royal wedding reception cancelled: Princess Beatrice & Edo’s nuptials affected by coronavirus

Princess Beatrice and Edo were due to marry on 29th May, but the current coronavirus pandemic means the couple have had to cancel their wedding reception, after the service at the Chapel Royal.

A statement from the palace said that the couple “are very much looking forward to getting married but are equally aware of the need to avoid undertaking any unnecessary risks in the current circumstances”.

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“In line with government advice for the UK and beyond, the couple are reviewing their arrangements for 29th May.

“They are particularly conscious of government advice in relation to both the wellbeing of older family members and large gatherings of people. Therefore, the planned reception in the Buckingham Palace Gardens will not take place.

“The couple will carefully consider government advice before deciding whether a private marriage might take place amongst a small group of family and friends.”

Beatrice, The Duke of York’s eldest daughter, announced her engagement to property developer Edoardo in September 2019. The couple chose the more private venue of the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace for the event, and were expected have have just 150 guests – small by royal standards!

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A royal ‘source’ has said that the main reason for the couple pulling the plug was ‘the safety of guests’.

“There were only going to be 150 guests at the wedding but double that amount at the reception. It was just too risky.

“The Queen had to be there and it wasn’t fair to put her in danger aged 94 [Her Majesty’s birthday is 21st April]. The couple are obviously very sad but they realise other people are suffering much more and they are philosophical about it.”

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