Prime Minister Liz Truss leads tributes to The Queen from British politicians

Prime Minister Liz Truss has led the tributes to The Queen after her death was announced yesterday evening.

Liz Truss became the 15th Prime Minister in The Queen’s reign earlier this week, meeting the Monarch earlier this week.

Truss becomes the first Prime Minister in Charles’ reign.

Queen Elizabeth II welcomes Liz Truss, the new British Prime Minister, during an audience at Balmoral, where she invited the newly elected leader of the Conservative party to form a government.

She opened her speech by noting how ‘we are all devastated by the news’ and it is ‘a huge shock to the nation and to the world’.

‘Queen Elizabeth II was the rock on which modern Britain was built. Our country has grown and flourished under her reign. Britain is the great country it is today because of her’.

Ms Truss noted how ‘she championed the development of the Commonwealth – from a small group of seven countries to a family of 56 nations spanning every continent of the world’ and in turn ‘we are now a modern, thriving, dynamic nation’.

‘Through thick and thin, Queen Elizabeth II provided us with the stability and the strength that we needed. She was the very spirit of Great Britain – and that spirit will endure’.

Liz says The Queen was ‘loved and admired by the people in the United Kingdom and all around the world. She has been a personal inspiration to me and to many Britons. Her devotion to duty is an example to us all’.

Prime Minister Truss concluded her her speech by saying ‘today the Crown passes – as it is has done for more than a thousand years – to our new monarch, our new head of state: His Majesty King Charles III’.

‘With the King’s family, we mourn the loss of his mother. And as we mourn, we must come together as a people to support him. To help him bear the awesome responsibility that he now carries for us all. We offer him our loyalty and devotion just as his mother devoted so much to so many for so long. And with the passing of the second Elizabethan age, we usher in a new era in the magnificent history of our great country – exactly as Her Majesty would have wished – by saying the words God save the King’.

The leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, has paid to the late Queen as ‘we mourn the passing of a remarkable sovereign’.

‘It is a deep, private loss for the Royal Family and all our thoughts are with them at this time. The nation shares in their grief. We will always treasure Queen Elizabeth II’s life of service and devotion to our nation and the Commonwealth; our longest-serving and greatest Monarch.’

‘Above the clashes of politics, she stood not for what the nation fought over, but what it agreed upon. As Britain changed rapidly around her, this dedication became the still point of our turning world. So as our great Elizabethan era comes to an end, we will honour the late Queen’s memory by keeping alive the values of public service she embodied’.

‘For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II stood as the head of our country. But in spirit, she stood amongst us.’

The First Minister of Scotland said in her tribute:

‘The death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth is a profoundly sad moment for the UK, the Commonwealth and the world. Her life was one of extraordinary dedication and service. On behalf of the people of Scotland, I convey my deepest condolences to The King and the Royal Family.’

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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a statement saying ‘this is our country’s saddest day’.

‘In the hearts of every one of us there is an ache at the passing of our Queen, a deep and personal sense of loss – far more intense, perhaps, than we expected.’

He added: ‘She seemed so timeless and so wonderful that I am afraid we had come to believe, like children, that she would just go on and on’.

THe Queen conducts her weekly audience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the phone Royal Family)

‘As is so natural with human beings, it is only when we face the reality of our loss that we truly understand what has gone. It is only really now that we grasp how much she meant for us, how much she did for us, how much she loved us. As we think of the void she leaves, we understand the vital role she played, selflessly and calmly embodying the community and unity of our country’.

‘We think of her deep wisdom, and historic understanding, and her seemingly inexhaustible but understated sense of duty. Relentless though her diary must have felt, she never once let it show, and to tens of thousands of events – great and small – she brought her smile and her warmth and her gentle humour – and for an unrivalled 70 years she spread that magic around her Kingdom’.

The Queen greets Prime Minister Boris Johnson during an audience at Buckingham Palace. It was The Queens first in-person weekly audience with the Prime Minister since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnson noted ‘it was one of her best achievements that she not only modernised the constitutional monarchy, but produced an heir to the her throne who will amply do justice to her legacy, and whose own sense of duty is in the best traditions of his mother and his country.

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