Harry had close shave with Taliban rocket in Afghanistan, says new book

A new book claims that Prince Harry narrowly escaped death or serious injury from a Taliban rocket during his tour in Afghanistan.

Harry, 31, served two tours of the war-zone first as a then as an Apache gunner, and new publication ‘Coldstream Guards, 10 Years in Afghanistan’ reveals his close shave.

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Prince Harry served two tours of Afghanistan – and had a close shave with a Taliban rocket. Eva Rinaldi

Captain Wales was at forward base Dwyer, a desert outpost six miles from the front line, when the rocket struck, explained Sergeant Tom Pal, 37, from an anti-tank platoon.

“I remember one afternoon before evening scoff or a gurkha curry was on, I was sitting chatting with both Captain Russell and Prince Harry about random stuff when the camp was hit by a Chinese 107mm rocket … whoosh, bang, wallop.

“We had been attacked and we just looked at each other and Captain Russell mentioned we’d better put our body armour and helmet on. Bit late, but we did.”

The rocket struck just 60m from where the trio sat, meaning they were very close to the explosion site, and also at risk of heavy debris hitting them from the blast.

“That’s pretty close,” he said. “At that time of year where we were working, it was pretty mental. Various checkpoints were getting attacked every single day. It wasn’t anything new — the thing that was new was that you were sat next to a royal, chatting, random stuff. Then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose,” said Pal to The Times.


Harry’s first secret tour to the eastern war-zone was outed by Australian press, breaking a secrecy agreement. This was in 2007-2008, and the Prince returned, publicly, in 2011. Media were allowed to follow him for a short time, filming the base he stayed at, his interaction with other soldiers.

Harry even gave an interview about his time serving on the front-line, which was interrupted due to an emergency call out.

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