Prince Philip surgery: Duke is ‘comfortable & in good spirits’ after successful hip replacement

The Duke of Edinburgh today underwent a successful hip replacement operation at King Edward VII Hospital in London.

Buckingham Palace have said the 96-year-old Prince Consort is ‘progressing satisfactorily at this early stage’ of his recovery, describing him as ‘comfortable and in good spirits’.

We learnt of his hospitalisation yesterday afternoon, when the palace announced Prince Philip was due to have ‘planned surgery’ today.

photo credit: University of Salford via photopin cc

Prince Philip has had a successful hip replacement in surgery today. He is ‘in good spirits’ (University of Salford)

Philip has missed several engagements in recent weeks, including an Easter Sunday service at Windsor, and the official handover of Colonelship to Prince Andrew of the Grenadier Guards. The Duke has reportedly been suffering with hip issues for about a month.

Many were worried what general anaesthetic would mean for the nonagenarian, but his fitness is impeccable for his age. Indeed, The Queen Mother had two hip replacements in her mid-90s, too!

The Duke of Edinburgh will remain in hospital for several days, possibly longer, as he recuperates from the surgery. The palace have said they will update us ‘when appropriate’, likely next to be when Philip leaves.

I suspect he will head to Windsor Castle for the duration of his recovery.

Philip has previously had a number of health issues, the most serious of which was arguably a blocked coronary artery back in 2011; he was then fitted with a stent, but infections have seen the Prince in hospital in recent years too, as well as an ‘exploratory operation’ on his abdomen in 2013.

One expert suggested he will be using a cane by the time Prince Harry’s wedding comes around in May, while others have said he will likely be in a wheelchair six weeks after the op.

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Yumiko kokuryu Thu 05 April, 2018 - 1:19 pm

I am relieved to hear that prince philip is recovering in the hospital.


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