Catherine praises Harry’s ‘brilliant’ interview as she meets Heads Together marathon runners

The Duchess of Cambridge welcomed some Heads Together marathon runners to Kensington Palace today, and opening praised her brother-in-law Prince Harry’s recent interview, in which he admitted he received counselling and almost had a breakdown after his mother’s death.

The Duchess of Cambridge called Prince Harry amazing as she met with London marathon runners at Kensington Palace (KensingtonRoyal)

Catherine wished the runners good luck for the impending race on Sunday, and one attendee, Jamie Maloy, spoke of the interview: “What I love is your brother-in-law talking the other day, because it just ignited it.

“Everyone’s talking about mental health now because someone who is so famous and so much in the public eye has actually turned around and said something hit me hard – the death of a close loved one. And I think people have gone ‘good on you, because you could have never mentioned that’.”


The Duchess expressed her support for Prince Harry: “We all felt there was very much a campaign to get everyone talking and have these conversations, we’ve got to do the same, you know – so he’s been brilliant.”

She also agreed he is a’ real hero to a lot of people’, and helped put a headband around a post box. 70 more along the marathon route are to be adorned with the blue ribbon.

Landmarks across the capital – including Battersea Power Station, the Olympic Stadium and the London Duck Tours boats – will “wear” blue headbands in support of Heads Together, along with waxwork figures at Madame Tussauds and St Paul’s Choristers, supporting the ‘mental health marathon’ and raising awareness.

In addition to the landmarks, South Bank will be lit up blue on Friday, along with the National Theatre and the London Eye, and 70 postboxes will have the headband wrapped around them.

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Kay Downer Wed 19 April, 2017 - 10:06 pm

So very proud of these young Royals for speaking out and putting mental health in the spotlight.Way to go.

Ms. Christine Askew Thu 20 April, 2017 - 7:25 am

I am a great supporter of you prince Harry, how you feel for your people. My son died last year of an overdose and this will always stay with. How I wish I could have been there for him,as I live in Australia it made it so hard for him to open up to me. Thank you for doing so much to help I know you will continue as you are such an inspiration to others.


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