Duchess Kate takes part in taekwondo class while visiting SportsAid

The Duchess of Cambridge, patron of SportsAid, visited the London Stadium at the Olympic Park today, where she took to the indoor track, and even tried out taekwondo!

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Catherine was at the stadium with the organisation to celebrate the crucial role parents and guardians have in their children’s sporting success.

During the visit, the Duchess took part in track and field activities with athletes and para-athletes, including taekwondo and having a go on the starting blocks.

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She also met parents and guardians of SportsAid athletes to hear more about the challenges they face and listened to a panel discussion with them.

Founded in 1976, SportsAid has helped over 1,000 athletes each year, the majority aged between 12-18, providing them with a financial award to help towards training and competition costs.

The Duchess of Cambridge became a SportsAid patron in 2013 and ever since has been helping to shine a brighter light on the achievements and potential of the UK’s most talented young athletes.

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The Duchess of Cambridge tries punching with taekwondo champ Lutalo Muhammad (Kensington Palace)

Catherine also met swimmer Rebecca Adlington, taekwondo athlete Lutalo Muhammad and former track and field athlete Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, who is the 2010 European champion, the 2012 Olympic champion and a three-time world champion.

Muhammed tweeted afterwards that Kate’s punch ‘had power’ and offered the royal visitor further lessons, if she wanted!

She has met the charity’s biggest supporters at fundraising events such as the SportsBall, while recognising the dedication and commitment shown by young athletes and their families through her backing of SportsAid Week.

Kate also met with Ellie Challis, who won the charity’s ‘One to Watch’ award last year; you might remember her from the Brave Britons event last year, when The Duke of Kent gave her the young and overall award!

In her speech, The Duchess of Cambridge praised parents and guardians for supporting the young athletes, saying: “For all of you here, you go, and have gone, above and beyond the call of duty, you’ve committed your time and devotion to nurturing your children’s exceptional talents.

“And as a parent, I have a huge admiration for you and I know just how complex and time-consuming your role is.”

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“You are simultaneously the transport and logistics managers, nutritionists, laundry service, psychologists, financiers, and crucially, the ones that provide love, support and encouragement when things are tough.”

“You may not always feel appreciated, or sometimes even noticed on the sidelines, in the car park or sitting high in the stands. But I am so proud that SportsAid recognises how key your role is and that they understand the challenges and worries you face.”

Duchess Kate poses with young athletes and supporters of SportAid (Kensington Palace)

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