William reveals emotional stress of piloting as he & Kate make unannounced visit to YoungMinds Helpline

We’re back with another engagement for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge…this one was unannounced and photos and information only came out as the couple were leaving.

Today the couple visited a Helpline run by YoungMinds.  They made the visit in continued support of their Heads Together Initiative.


The Duke and Duchess received some of the same training that all the volunteers get, and that included listening in on some calls…this brought out an unexpected response from William.

Sitting waiting to listen in, the Duke said: “Can I have an easy one please? I’m carrying a lot of things at the moment. I’ll be in floods of tears at the end otherwise.

“I’ve had too many sad stories with the Air Ambulance. I can’t deal with any more stuff. Just maybe at the lower level, if I can.” He added: “I’m steeling myself the best I can.”

This gives us an insight into William’s job, which we know already does occasionally involve suicide attempts, but also the nature of the calls the centre receives.

William’s frank discussion of his own emotional state, the second in two days (he spoke about missing Diana every day at an engagement yesterday), came after criticism earlier this year that despite launching a Head Together campaign to make people more open about mental health problems, neither he nor Kate nor Prince Harry had talked frankly about their own issues.

Catherine, too, made some interesting comments about concerns they have as parents of young children.

It really is interesting to see the younger royals starting to open up even a little on their own mental health issues…and the subjects they center around are, frankly, those that many folks can relate to.

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