George and Charlotte receive gifts from the Obamas

Michelle Obama paid a visit to the UK on Tuesday, and brought gifts for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.image

6-week-old Princess Charlotte received an alpaca blanket and an Amish-made rocking chair, while her brother, George, was given a bright red Berlin Flyer P-Wee Wagon from the Obamas.

The wagon, costing around £100, comes from Amish craftsmen, just like the rocking chair.

Mrs Obama was in London, and met with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace, as well as David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

These are not the first gifts that the Cambridges have received from America’s First Family: when Prince George was born, he was sent an alpaca blanket, along with a handmade wooden rocking horse and tiny polo mallet.

On William and Kate’s short visit to New York in December, the Obamas gave them a teddy bear to take home for their son. The couple also received a baby-sized dressing gown on this visit, according to a list published by Kensington Palace.

During the family’s tour of Australia and New Zealand, Prince George received over 700 gifts over a few weeks. No doubt Princess Charlotte will be as lucky in the coming months!

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