Lionel Ritchie sings Diana’s favourite song to Prince William

Tonight, Lionel Ritchie sang his song ‘Hello’ to Prince William, declaring it to be a favourite song of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

The event attended by The Duke of Cambridge was the 25th anniversary of Jewish Care, a charity which provides health and social care support to the UK’s Jewish community.

Sitting at a piano on stage, the singer said: ‘Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Princess Diana and tonight we have Prince William here.

‘I must tell you it is a pleasure to be with all of you but especially this gentleman, because his mother came to me … and she said ‘My favourite song is Hello’. So I thought tonight the dedication is to you, my friend.’

Jewish-raised Ritchie praised his parents and the older generation, who have ‘true wisdom’. It is the first time William has attended an event for the Jewish community.

The Duke said to the audience:

‘The results of your commitment to one another within the Jewish community are obvious – the real and loving care that thousands of elderly and vulnerable people receive, among the many works that you carry out.

‘Your care for one another has another, less tangible value. During a year when many in the Jewish community have had cause to feel under threat, for no reason other than simply the fact of your Jewishness, your unity is all the more precious.

‘Your commitment and loyalty to one another, and to society more widely, is ultimately what keeps you strong. Through your generosity and commitment, I am sure Jewish Care will continue to thrive and grow for the next 25 years.’

‘Once again, congratulations on everything you have achieved. I wish you a wonderful evening and a happy birthday. Mazel tov.’

Jewish Care was created through the merger of two charities in 1990, and now has 1,500 staff and 3,000 volunteers. The organisation provides social and recreational programmes for people of all ages. The charity has a youth leadership scheme, to give young people the opportunity to develop their leadership skills while volunteering in the community.


Feature photo: Punting Cambridge

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