Princes duel: William and Harry tour Star Wars set

Earlier today, Prince William and Prince Harry visited Pinewood Studios and met the team involved in the making of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – and even had a lightsaber duel.


The Royal brothers were given a tour by actress Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the eighth episode, and started off in the Creature Effects room, where they met a life-sized R2D2. The Duke of Cambridge chatted with supervisor Maria Cork who was carefully restyling the Wookie’s hair.

William and Harry stopped by a number of production workshops and got to meet members of the cast, including Mark Hamill and director Rian Johnson, and both admitted to being big fans of the space saga.

Later, the Royal brothers  were taken to see an electric buggy , the weapons and props area. They were shown round by Mark Rocca.

Prince Harry was seen getting a rather hairy hug from Chewbacca, the legendary Wookiee warrior. The Duke of Cambridge also got a bear hug from ‘Chewie’, and Hamill remarked: “If I went towards Royalty with my arms outstretched I would get arrested – but there’s something about a Wookie that means you just wanted to be hugged.”

Prince Harry asked senior prop maker Rob Seex: “So did you get into this because you were obsessed when you were a kid?” as he picked up a ‘First Order’ blaster, used by the ‘baddies’ in the first film of the new trilogy. The gun misfired: “Why is it everything I touch breaks?” the Prince commented, with brother William joking “It will take them weeks to mend.”

Later on Harry asked if there are replicas available for children – likely thinking of his nephew and niece, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who is one next month.

The Royal brothers had the opportunity to watch a sneak preview of the film and took part in a lightsaber battle, where the pair really got into it, pulling faces.


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