Second solo visit for Duchess of Cambridge: Luxembourg celebrations with Princess Stephanie

The Duchess of Cambridge undertook her second solo visit abroad today, visiting Luxembourg to celebrate the signing of the 1876 Treaty of London.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg during a day of engagements for the official commemoration of the 1867 Treaty of London. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Catherine began the day at Mudam (Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art) the first contemporary art museum in Luxembourg. Here, she toured exhibitions by British artists, Sir Tony Cragg and Darren Almond, as well as hearing about the priceless and iconic pieces the museum holds. She was joined by Princess Stephanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (daughter-in-law of the current Head of State, Grand Duke Henri) and the Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel.


France planned to buy the Grand Duchy from the Netherlands, but Prussia still occupied a garrison in the city’s fortress, and refused, so leaders met in London. The treat of 1867 confirmed Luxembourg’s independence from the Netherlands, and also its neutrality.

It was then on to a cycling themed festival at Place Clairefontaine, which celebrates the shared UK and Luxembourg passion for the sport. Here, Catherine meet with children from the Eich school, including some disabled pupils. The youngsters had painted cycling themed t-shirts – a nod to the local Tour de France winner – and she sat down with them to admire their work. There was even a cycling themed cake.

A young teen explained how the Duchess told her she liked to cycle, before Kate was briefly entertained by the Conservatoire youth choir.

Next came a meeting at the Grand Ducal Palace. The Duchess of Cambridge met with the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, posing for an official photo.

The Luxembourgish Monarch and consort celebrated The King and Queen of Norway’s 80th birthdays this week, joining monarchs from across Europe and The Countess of Wessex.

For the official commemoration of the 1867 Treaty of London, the Duchess visited the Luxembourg City Museum with her Royal escorts, Stephanie and Guillaume. The guests, which included delegates from other countries who signed the treaty, were given a tour of ‘the Luxembourg Story’ exhibition.

A short walk outside the museum was next on the agenda, to take in the views of the capital on the ‘corniche’. Much of the country’s capital is located on hilly terrain, meaning valleys, bridges and rock face form much of the quaint landscape.

The Duchess of Cambridge takes in the views of Luxembourg City (Kensington palace)

The group continued to the ‘Dräi Eechelen’ Museum in Kirchberg for the main commemoration event, where the Prime Minister, Mayor of Luxembourg and Museum Director spoke. The Duchess also viewed the 1867 Commemoration Exhibition.

The museum’s name means ‘three acorns’, referring to the three towers of Fort Thüngen, in which the museum is based. Most of it was demolished after the 1867 Treaty, apart from its foundations and these towers.

Kate views an exhibition detailing Luxembourg’s lengthy story (Kensington Palace)

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