Prince William receives well wishes for Kate as he focuses on food waste

Back to work with cards and flowers handed over for the Princess

The Prince of Wales returned to engagements yesterday, his first since The Princess of Wales shared her cancer diagnosis.

William carried out two engagements focusing on food waste in Surrey and West London, the first being a visit to Surplus to Supper in Sunbury-on-Thames.

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Surplus to Supper was founded in 2017 with the aim of bridging the gap between food waste and food poverty. The organisation sources and distributes surplus food to those in need, and raises money for charity through a cafe and a weekend shop.

The Prince toured the facilities, meeting with volunteers and even helping Chef Mario Confait in the kitchen by making a bolognese sauce!

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During the visit, William met with Rachel Candappa, a volunteer. She presented him with cards for both his wife and his father. She told him to take care of Catherine, to which he replied, ‘I will’.

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Prince William conducted engagements focused on food waste. (Kensington Royal)

It was then time to don a high-vis jacket and head out on the road, as William joined two delivery drivers on their rounds. His destination? The Hanworth Centre Hub.

The Hub is a youth centre which provides a range of services to young people and helps to create a safer and better-connected community. The Hub receives regular deliveries from Surplus to Supper, but today they received one from the future King!

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Shedding his high-vis, the Prince’s brief stint as a delivery driver ended and he returned to his ‘regular’ day job. He joined some volunteers and young people for a chat to see how the Hub is working to reduce food waste.

The Hub also had a gift for Catherine, giving William a bouquet of flowers to take home to her. The Prince looked touch and thanked everyone for their well wishes to his wife and his whole family.

William conducted his first engagement since Catherine’s cancer diagnosis, helping organisations who tackle food waste to support those in need. (Kensington Royal).

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While it was great to see William out-and-about today, this does not signal a return to full-time royal duties for him. It is expected he will continue to prioritise his family during this time.

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