Princess Anne is the hardest working royal of 2022 – this year’s engagement stats

A look at how many engagements Royals performed this year

According to data from the Court Circular, The Princess Royal is the hardest working Royal of 2022, after carrying out 214 engagements.

In April, Princess Anne, who is 72, travelled nearly 25,000 miles in less than a week, whilst carrying out royal duties heading to Australia. This trip packed more than 20 engagements into four days, while November saw her carry out an average of one engagement per day (30 in total for the month).

Princess Anne and her brother, the King, carried out the most engagements in 2022. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

The King, 74, was the second hardest working member of the Royal Family, totting up 181 engagements.

Anne has often been praised as hardworking, so it’s no surprise to royal watchers that she has taken the top spot, although her brother led the tables in 2019 and 2020, when he was Prince of Wales.

In at third was The Earl of Wessex, after completing 143 engagements, while The Countess of Wessex came in fourth with 138 engagements.

Here’s where other members of the Royal Family ranked:

  • 5th – The Prince of Wales carried out 126 engagements. 
  • 6th – The Queen Consort undertook 102 engagements.
  • 7th – The Duke of Gloucester carried out 100 royal visits.
  • 8th – The Duchess of Gloucester undertook 94 royal visits.
  • 9th – The Princess of Wales carried out 90 engagements.
  • 10th – The Duke of Kent undertook 78 engagements.⁠
  • 11th – Princess Alexandra carried out 44 engagements.

It’s important to note that the numbers are substantially lower than previous years for all Members of the Royal Family. The Family had to observe royal mourning in September following the death of the Queen in September.

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