Divorce for Princess Märtha Louise of Norway & Ari Behn

The Norwegian Court has today announced that Princess Märtha Louise and her husband, Ari Behn, are to start divorce proceedings.

The announcement comes after 14 years of marriage, and three children. Märtha Louise and Ari said their vows at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim in May 2002. It was a Royal wedding as any other, with representatives from across the world invited, including The Earl and Countess of Wessex.

Behn worked as an author and later an actor, whilst the Princess did not use her physiotherapy degree. Instead, she ran a company, an entertainment business based on performances and recitals of folk tales and songs. She also studied holistic medicine, and has reportedly proclaimed she can communicate with angels and animals.

Märtha Louise, fourth in line to the throne, began to pay income tax in 2002, as she works in a commercial capacity, and not as a full time member of the Royal Family. At the same time, she also lost her ‘Royal Highness’ style; she is referred to as ‘Her Highness’, as the daughter of the King of Norway, Harald.

The couple lived in New York for a number of years from 2004. After having children, the family of five lived in London, but settled in Lommedalen, Norway in 2014. 

The couple have three daughters, aged seven to 13: Maud, the eldest, Leah, and Emma, the youngest. A statement has said the couple will have joint custody of their children.

Princess Märtha Louise has given a statement. Roughly translated, she said: “Life does not always go smoothly. Both Ari and I have experienced this…We are ending the marriage but we remain together in parenthood.

She also described the separation as ‘unspeakably sad for both of us’.

King Harald and Queen Sonja commented that it was ‘painful and sad’ to see their daughter divorce, but that they ‘want a good relationship’ with their son-in-law in the future.

Crown Prince Haakon, heir to the throne of Norway and eldest child of The King and Queen, married Mette-Marit in 2001; they have two children together, and one son from the Crown Princess’ former relationship.

More information when it is announced. 

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