Princess Anne leads table of most engagements of 2015 ahead of Charles & Queen

In the 2015 table of Royal engagements, showing how many official duties each member carried out over the year, Princess Anne leads the Royal Family.

The Princess Royal, 65, trumped all of her family, by undertaking a whopping 456 engagements last year – on average, 1.2 engagements per day. Princess Anne also made 88 visits abroad for her mother, The Queen.


Princess Anne was the hardest working Royal of 2015, with Charles and The Queen closely behind. Mikepaws

Prince Charles, 67, follows closely behind, with 380 visits and duties in the UK, and a huge 147 visits overseas on behalf of The Queen.

Her Majesty, who turns 90 this year, came in third place in the rankings, performing 306 official engagements and another 35 visits outside of the UK. This includes 2015’s CHOGM in Malta, which she attended with Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla.

Prince Philip, 94, was also kept very busy, joining his wife on almost over overseas tour, and clocking up more than 200 engagements.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge performed 149 engagements between them, with Prince William making 35 trips abroad for Her Majesty. Catherine was pregnant with Princess Charlotte early in 2015, and finished Royal duties for maternity leave in late March, meaning she took a relatively short leave, of just five months. The Duke also began his post with the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service in March, and so has been fitting Royal duties around this.

Prince Harry, 31, who left the Army earlier this year, did more visits abroad than engagements in the UK – 59 and 49 respectively. He, William and Kate rank at the bottom of the table.

Almost 3000 engagements were performed by the Royal Family in its entirety (2986 in total), showing an average of eight per day. The only day The Queen does not have her red box of government papers is Christmas Day, meaning she works 364 days of the year.

The Queen’s cousins, The Duke of Kent and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and Princess Alexandra, also did well, despite all being over the age of 70 (save Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, who turns 70 this year). They are all over the age of retirement, but performed 600 engagements between them, and a further 105 visits abroad.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex clocked up an impressive 153 visits overseas, and a hefty 429 official duties between them.

See the full breakdown of numbers below.

Royal UK engagements Tours abroad
The Queen 306 35
Duke of Edinburgh 217 33
Prince of Wales 380 147
Duchess of Cornwall 156 79
Duke of Cambridge 87 35
Duchess of Cambridge 62 0
Prince Henry of Wales 49 59
Duke of York 244 31
Earl of Wessex 260 94
Countess of Wessex 169 49
Princess Royal 456 88
Duke of Gloucester 218 52
Duchess of Gloucester 114 31
Duke of Kent 180 22
Princess Alexandra 88 0
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Patty Gaugler Sun 03 January, 2016 - 9:30 pm

I have followed the royal family for many years, way before Diana and Charles married. Loved the Majesty magazine also. Interesting to see what they are doing and how they are doing. Seem to stay pretty healthy thank God. Keep me posted. Happy, healthy New Year.


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