Queen & Camilla see ‘horse whisperer’ work magic at Royal Mews

Making a surprise visit this afternoon, The Queen joined Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at the Royal Mews to meet with a horse whisperer.

Camilla was scheduled to attend the session with Monty Roberts alone, both invited by equine welfare charity the Brooke, but The Queen decided to join her, no doubt keen to see the renowned animal trainer too.

Mr Roberts was to give Camilla, President of the Brooke, and other guests a demonstration his famed innovative techniques; he is knowne for being able to tame wild horses, notoriously difficult to predict and handle. Her Majesty has shown her support for Roberts’ work, and so he has been staying at Sandringham to work with The Queen’s horses there. The American horse trainer became a global ambassador for the Brooke this year. Monty, 80 years old, praised the Monarch for her support: “If she hadn’t pushed me, I’d be a cowboy in California doing parochial stuff.” Her Majesty looked in her element, despite being dressed in her usual day-wear, and not riding gear, as she patted the horse being trained.

Just last week, The Queen was reunited with a former working horse from the Royal Mews, and recognised her instantly – Mary Tudor.


The Queen and Camilla then took their seats to watch the demonstration, where Roberts spent just 15 minutes getting the horse, Jess, to wear a saddle for the first time. Just five minutes later, one of his team was sitting on the filly, able to get her to walk a few paces. Speaking of their first encounter, the trainer said of The Queen: “She sent a man over to California – I thought it was a joke – they brought me to Windsor Castle in April of 1989. “Her Majesty had 23 horses ready for me to work with and it was one week with Her Majesty there every day, when it was only supposed to be one hour. “Every year – two, three, four times a year that we get together – we discuss what’s happened, we discuss what we want to do.”

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