The Queen will not return to Buckingham Palace – Windsor to be her main residence

The Queen will not return to live at Buckingham Palace, making Windsor Castle her main residence, the Sunday Times reports.

The Monarch, who turn 96 next month, has spent the pandemic at Windsor, which had traditionally been her weekend residence. However, it has always been known that The Queen felt more at home at Windsor than in central London.

The Upper Ward of Windsor Castle contains The Queen’s private apartments, including this ornate garden (Dreamstime)

It is expected that Her Majesty will return to London when necessary, for official duties, but with her seemingly declining health and advancing age, this is likely to be infrequently.

There is also ongoing work to repair Buckingham Palace from years of neglect, which makes this also a logical step in order to facilitate the repairs.

It was previously thought that Her Majesty, along with other Royals with apartments in the palace, would be moved into other wings as necessary, to allow for works’ access.

Buckingham Palace will no longer be lived n by The Queen(Michael Garnett/Flickr)

Prince Charles and Camilla are expected to move into Buckingham Palace when he accedes to the throne, as the main working hub of the Monarchy (although the court is officially located at St James’s Palace, next door to Clarence House).

After her passing, The Queen is also to be laid to rest in the George VI Vault of St George’s Chapel, alongside the late Duke of Edinburgh, whose funeral took place in April 2021, her parents and Princess Margaret’s ashes.

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