Queen loses one of her final dogs – Vulcan the Dorgi

The Queen has recently lost one of her last dogs: Vulcan, the Dorgi, who died at Windsor a few weeks ago.

Vulcan’s age is not known, but he was at least 13, having been known to be amongst the royal pack since 2007. He featured in the photoshoot with Annie Leibowitz to mark the Monarch’s 90th birthday.

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Her Majesty, who has been synonymous with the corgi since her youth, now has one dorgi – a corgi, dachshund cross – left at home, named Candy. All The Queen’s dogs have descended from Susan, the pup being a birthday present for her 18th.

Back in 2015, it was reported the Monarch had decided not to breed any more dogs, as she feared they would be ‘left behind’.

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Earlier this month, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared they had lost Lupo, their Cocker Spaniel aged 9.

The Queen’s dogs are normally buried at Sandringham, but Her Majesty will be spending Christmas at Windsor this year, in light of the pandemic.

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