Queen’s children watch over the Queen in vigil at St Giles Cathedral

This evening, The King was joined by his siblings to hold a vigil at the late Queen’s coffin in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.

The Princess Royal, Duke of York and Earl of Wessex accompanied Charles to stand around their mother’s coffin for 10 minutes as members of the public filed past to pay their respects.

King Charles stood at the head of the coffin for the vigil (Youtube still)

The Queen Consort and Countess of Wessex watched the vigil (Youtube still)

In silence, Charles dressed in a kilt, while Anne was in her Admiral’s uniform and Edward in his Royal Wessex Yeomanry uniform, held quiet reflection in the church, watching over the late Sovereign.

Prince Andrew wore a morning suit for the occasion, as he is no longer a working Royal.

The King stood at the head of the coffin, while The Queen Consort and Countess of Wessex watched from chairs nearby.

Draped in the Scottish Royal Standard, the Scottish Crown was atop the coffin, part of the Honours of Scotland, which are older than the English Crown Jewels.

The Scottish Crown on the Queen’s coffin (Youtube still)

The vigil followed a service of thanksgiving for the life of the Queen in the cathedral this afternoon.

The Royals are staying in Edinburgh overnight before the coffin is taken to London on Tuesday afternoon. The Queen will lie in state at Westminster Hall for four days ahead of her funeral on Monday 19th.

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