Queen’s nephew joins her at church days after Lord Snowdon’s death

David, Viscount Linley, joined his aunt The Queen at church today; the appearance comes just days after the death of his father, Lord Snowdon.

The Queen leaves a church service at Flitcham village church near Sandringham , joined by her nephew, David. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Her Majesty, who seemed in good spirits after her recent illness, attended her Sunday sermon in Flitcham, a small village near Sandringham. The Viscount looked solemn as he walked with his wife, Serena.

The Queen’s nephew is not usually invited to Sandringham over Christmas for the family festivities, due to the limited size of the house. But it seems David wanted to be with his family at this difficult time, now that both his parents have passed away.

David, Viscount Linley attended churh with his wife Serena and The Queen, near Sandringham, days after his father Lord Snowdon died. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Lord Snowdon died peacefully on Friday, 15 years after the death of his ex-wife, Princess Margaret. He is succeeded by David as the 2nd Earl of Snowdon. David will only be referred to in his new title after the funeral.

Prince Philip joined his wife for the service, also looking well after a heavy cold before Christmas.

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