The Queen giggles at OAP fitness class as she marks 60 years of George VI day centre

Earlier today, The Queen visited an elderly day care centre in Windsor, to mark 60 years since Her Majesty opened the George VI Day Care Centre.

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george vi day centre in windsor, was visited by the queen to mark its 60th anniversary (royal family)

Locals who attend the day centre are encouraged to maintain their independence and wellbeing through activities and social interaction, some of which is facilitated by the George VI day centre.

When Elizabeth II opened the centre in 1958, she agreed it could be named after her father. The Queen last visited 10 years ago for the centre’s 50th anniversary, and previously for its 25th birthday, too.

Her Majesty, wearing deep purple and an amethyst brooch, smiled as she watched a seated exercise class, part of the SMILE (Small Movements Improves Life Everyday) activities the centre runs.

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Mrs Pirrie said after the visit: “It was fabulous, it was lovely, I knew she was behind me at one stage and it felt a little like ‘oh my goodness’.

“She was watching the exercise where we take the ball round, that’s actually for the waist – to get bikini fit.”

The Queen even held one of the balls used in the session, seeming to be surprised at its light weight.

The anniversary also coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Windsor Old People’s Welfare Association. The Queen Mother made one of the first donations to WOPWA back in 1948, when the organisation was formed, initially to help the widows, widowers and elderly relatives of Windsor residents, who lost their lives during the two World Wars.

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the queen opened the george vi day centre in 1958 and returned 60 years to the day to mark another milestone (royal family)

the queen speaks to locals who use the centre to socialising and activities (royal family)

The Monarch also mets with volunteers in the hair salon and in the kitchen. Those who give up their time in the week help rpvide lunch and services for elderly residents.

One of Her Majesty’s former employees uses the centre and reminded her of his time at the castle. Ray Deadman, 86, said: “I told The Queen I used to work at Windsor Castle and that one day her dog ran away with my sandwiches – she laughed.”

The Queen was also shown the key that she used in 1958, to officially open the building, before she signed the visitors’ book beneath her own photo and cut a cake for the special occasion.

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The Sovereign was presented with flowers as she left the building, with some well-wishes shouting an early ‘happy birthday’ to her outside.

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Yumiko kokuryu Thu 12 April, 2018 - 3:58 pm

The Queen Elizabeth looks very wonderful.


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