The Queen has the best ‘royal CV’ across the world & Prince William 4th

Her Majesty The Queen has been ranked first as the ‘most distinguished’ Royal, with her grandson The Duke of Cambridge in fourth place, after their ‘CV’s’ have been compiled.

Royal Vegas has considered factors such as reign length, net worth, education, palace size, social media followers and even their Google search rankings, to score Royals from across the globe. It is our 94-year-old Queen who takes the highest score.

The Queen has been ranked highest of royalty across the world for her ‘CV’

The study estimates The Queen’s net worth to be $530 million, while Prince Albert of Monaco – who ranks second – is thought to the $1 billion.

Elizabeth’s time in the ATS during World War Two also adds to her points for military service, and the 4.1 million Twitter followers tops the charts amongst her royal colleagues and family members!

Royals were assigned a numerical rank based on maximum and minimum performance in each category. These ranks were then used to power the interactive tool accordingly.

Top 5 Royals overall and their score:

  1. Queen Elizabeth II – 748
  2. Abdullah of Pahang (Malaysia) – 661
  3. Prince Albert II (Monaco) – 653
  4. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge – 601
  5. King Vajiralongkorn (Thailand) – 533

From the European cousins, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden comes in at 20th place, behind Prince Charles at 19 overall, while King Felipe of Spain is put at 6th. King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands takes 15th place, King Phillipe of Belgium, 9th, and Queen Margrethe of Denmark is 13th. Norwegian King Harald is placed 23rd and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is at 28.

Saudia Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz is the richest, however, with his net worth estimated to be $18 billion. Khalifa bin Zayed of the UAE comes in close at $15 billion.

Looking to the British Royal Family tree alone, Prince Charles comes in fourth place, behind his younger son, Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex is ranked at number 7, behind The Duchess of Cornwall. No other members have been included.

Prince William (placed 2nd amongst his family) is said to be the most-qualified heir to the British throne, based on his education, work placements and achievements.

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The Duke of Cambridge has a 2.2. degree from the University of St Andrew’s in Geography. William worked as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot, as well as an air ambulance pilot, having served seven years in the military, which included a tour of the Falklands, and is widely-travelled thanks to his royal duties.

British Royals and their score:

  1. The Queen – 748
  2. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge – 601
  3. Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex – 474
  4. Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales – 429
  5. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge – 318
  6. Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall – 284
  7. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex – 272

The Queen lies in 7th place in education rankings amongst her own family, though, as she was home schooled and never had any further education.

She is preceded by The Duchess of Cornwall, who took a six-month course in French and French Literature, and Prince Harry sits in 6th, having achieved two A Levels in Geography and Art.

Royal Vegas has ranked royal CVs, putting The Queen in top spot

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