William & Kate win damages for French publication of topless photos

The lawsuit The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought against French media for the publication of topless photos has been decided, with the judge granting the couple €100,000.

The Royals have been awarded approximately £91,700 by a French court during the hearing at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nanterre today, after a magazine printed topless pictures of the Duchess on holiday in Provence in September 2012. They had claimed for £1 million (€1.6 million) in their original suit.

The court ruled that the images were an invasion of their privacy. William and Kate were staying at a property belonging to The Queen’s nephew and William’s second cousin, David, Earl of Snowdon.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have won €100,000 in damages for the publication of topless photos. Picture by i-Images/ Rota

Closer magazine were also fined more than 100,000 euros – the maximum amount allowed for such a claim.

The decision comes a day after the couple announced they are expecting their third child, with Catherine once more suffering with severe morning sickness.

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samantha walters Tue 05 September, 2017 - 5:07 pm

Haven’t the French pap done enough damage to this family. They should be taken for everything they have and put out of business altogether. Respect the given role or lose it

karen riner Tue 05 September, 2017 - 11:32 pm

The French Pap, euro and american pap would already be out of business and Diana would no doubt be alive today –if –consumers were not intent on “consuming” !! feed the need and greed will win! once “we” all stop paying for that crap, they are all done and people will survive…trust me, they will. but, it’s all our own fault ! we buy the crap!


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