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Victoria Howard

Founder and Editor

Having always had a passion for history, my fascination with the Royal Family began with that wedding in 2011.

Following my step into the royal-sphere, I wrote for another royal site for a number of years before founding The Crown Chronicles in 2015.

I continued to focus upon my penchant for the Early Modern era (with a specific emphasis on the Stuart dynasty and Restoration) with a masters degree in the subject at the University of York, which I completed in December 2018; I very much enjoy social history and especially women’s history.

My bookshelves are almost as full as my wardrobe, but there is always room for more, whether that be the newest biography of a figure from the Georgian court, or a piece inspired by any of the royal ladies and their elegant style.

Ilana Cohen


In my study, I have a bookshelf specifically dedicated to books on the Royal Family! My interest in Royalty began with A-Level History when studying the fall of the Romanovs, and the impact that had on Europe at the time.

Having studied International Relations to Masters level, and currently studying the GDL at the University of Law, I understand the importance of Monarchy on the global stage. The constitutional areas of law have given me a passion to pursue my interest in the Monarchy further, including the relationship between the Monarch and Government, European history and the Royal Family tree.

Dianne Dunn


My obsession with all things British began with the glorious wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I have become quite the Royalist since then and spend my free time indulging in historical non-fiction, pertaining especially to the Tudor period as well as the current Monarchy.

I studied English and Sociology at Northern Arizona University with an emphasis on British literature. The novels of Jane Austen are particular favourites of mine and transport me back to a period in history that I have come to truly love. A perfect day for me would also include an exhibition on royal gowns as well as a stroll around any castle that I could find!

I have been married for 23 years and have two daughters. I am hoping that my love for all things royal and British has rubbed off on them!

Katie Balfe


With a mother who simply loved Diana, Princess of Wales, and shared that love with me, there was no way that I would not become an avid royal watcher and fan. When I’m not keeping up to date on the latest royal news, you can find me reading books about them or about historical figures.

I am currently studying journalism and am delighted that I get to combine my love of writing with my love for the Royals and my love of history all on here and share it with you all.

Jackie Sedeno



Olivia Moran

Contributor & editorial assistant

Having grown up with a grandmother who has a display of china plates depicting the Royal Family, it was inevitable that I would end up a Royalist. After the Cambridges’ fairytale wedding, the first time I had ever seen such pageantry and pomp, I was hooked!

I’m a keen reader, with my books of choice being any historical fiction I can find. My main interest lies in the Tudor period, particularly Henry VIII, with the drama that ensued as he hopped from bride to bride.

I now live in Madrid, after studying International Business Management and Spanish at Heriot Watt University, which led to a keen interest in the Spanish Monarchy, especially the glamorous Queen Letizia.

Fernanda Drummond

Social media assistant

I grew up in a household where both of my parents shared their interest in the Royal Family with me, and at a very young age, I became quite a Royalist myself. My passion for the Royal Family’s history grew with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement announcement in 2010.

Having studied Journalism and Publishing at Middlesex University for my Bachelor’s degree, with an emphasis in British Media, I understand the importance of the Monarchy at an international level.

During my free time, I take pleasure in creating historical content for The Crown Chronicles and enjoy writing about women’s history.

Kieran Rumsby

Social media assistant & reporter

The History team:

[Victoria also writes history articles as an early modern historian]

Bethanie Henderson-Bryan (joined September 2017)

My name is Bethanie and I am an avid history geek (have been since a child). I am a full time Speech and Language Therapist but will never turn down an opportunity to learn about history in my free time. My favourite era in history is the Tudors because it’s so dramatic and still has such an impact on our lives today, for example, the Church of England, beautiful architecture and the evolution of laws.

One of my favourite days out would be at a history museum and I hope I can help with other people’s journeys to discover as much history as possible.





Thom Hall (joined April 2018)

Almost since I learned to read I’ve been obsessed with history, in particular the history of Royalty. Foremost of course being our own Royal Family and the reigns which lead up to our own Queen Elizabeth. I’ve managed to amass an enormous collection of royal literature and spent longer than I like to admit inside the various royal palaces and castles; so writing about it all seemed a logical step!

I had an opportunity to focus on history more widely at the University of Aberystwyth, where I studied international history and politics, and I have continued to study world history and the impact monarchs have had on shaping the world we live in. While I enjoy all areas of British history I have a particular interest in the Saxon and Medieval period, as well as the imperial period later.

In my spare time I enjoy archaeology and exploring new cities and places, hopefully with the added bonus of discovering some new history!

Nicholas Fuqua (joined April 2018)

My first ‘royal’ memory was watching the wedding of Prince Andrew to Fergie (the original one!) in 1987 whilst I was growing up in Virginia in America. I was hooked! I subsequently wrote ‘fan’ letters to H.M the Queen and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and to my astonishment I received replies! I began avidly reading magazines like Royalty Monthly and Majesty, and as many books as I could on the royal family and its history, especially about their homes and palaces.

In the summer of 1994 I took my first trip to London and toured Buckingham Palace (I still have the commemorative mug I bought in the gift shop, a collection of which has steadily grown over the years!). So, it was perhaps inevitable that I would end up living in Britain one day.

I am currently completing a PhD in history at the University of Liverpool. My interest is in architectural history and the expression of monarchy through art and design.

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