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Thu 18th April, 2019
  • Queen tells French she is ‘deeply saddened’ & Prince Charles ‘heartbroken’ following Notre Dame fire

  • Royal Diary: upcoming royal engagements 15th-21st April

  • What will Prince Harry & Meghan call Baby Sussex? Our thoughts

  • Prince Harry & Meghan choose to keep plans for Baby Sussex private

  • Prince Charles & Camilla open refurbished Hillsborough Castle & unveil portrait of the Prince

  • The Queen’s Jewellery: Queen Mary’s Russian sapphire brooch

Did you know…?
… The Duke of Cambridge will not automatically become The Prince of Wales when Charles takes the throne; his father must invest him with the title.
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The Queen & The Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Charles & Camilla

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex